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The Journal of Hyojeong Acaemia

The Journal of Hyojeong Academia(JHJA) will publish its the first volume April 4, 2023. It will be published in every April and October from 2023. It covers the studies on Religion and Theology, Social science & Social movement, Development studies & Regional studies, Molecular biology & Genetics, Earth, Environmental & Planetary sciences, Innovation & Restoration of materials, Future transportation system studies. This journal is published and distributed by the HJ Academic Foundation.


JHA is an open-access and internationally peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic journal in the area of Physical sciences, Life sciences, social sciences, and health sciences. JHA aims to foster new approaches on the issues worldwide from the perspective of post-materialism and identifies the importance eliminating inequality around the world, with respect to the promotion of world peace and prosperity. JHA also highly recommends interdisciplinary dialogue.

Scopes and Focused Topics

JHA seeks manuscripts of the highest caliber that explore topics of religious education, religious movement, value of healthy family, development of East Africa, diaspora of African people, environmental issues and science. Articles published in JHA engage with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in science, religion, and politics that are connected to world peace and prosperity. Related research topics include but are not limited to the monopoly of technology such as innovation of materials and technology for a sustainable earth, AI (Artificial Intelligence), the democratization of technology,  digital transformation, technology transfer to developing countries, global efforts to promote technology transfer, wealth inequality between religious/civilization groups, scientific contribution to the reduction of the inequality, and so on.

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